Jazz & Oj – London Engagement

Jazz grew up in London (well kinda grew up!!) so this was the reason for visiting for their engagement shoot ahead of their Italian Villa Wedding in Dorset.

After the first meeting of these two I was super excited about any photos I got to shoot of them, the laughs they share together is awesome and its non stop! Along for the ride in London was my awesome friend and photographer Frances Beatty from Canada, check out her work here. She was having some down time and a mini road trip so decided to come and hang out and see what the English are all about.

The first photos of any couple are always the most awkward, you don’t know what to expect and neither do they, but these two just acted like complete models the whole day, cuddling laughing and joking without any prompts from me, the most ideal couple ever!! Hopefully you see that in the photos below and keep an eye out for the wedding which will appear here soon.

You can also check this shoot out on Nu Bride, Nova was taken by Jazz & Ojay’s chemistry that they featured it with a mini interview. Check it out here.