Megan & Corrie – Surprise Engagement in Glen Coe

Its always a massive honour to be asked by another photographer to take photos of them, Megan is an awesome photographer from Toronto, check out her work here. I totally jumped at the chance to hang out in one of the best places in Scotland with the best views.

Megan & Corrie had travelled to Manchester for a special friends wedding and seeing as they had come all this way they decided to embark upon an epic road trip taking them to Scotland and Ireland.

Glen Coe is a special place, my girlfriend Emma grew up not to far from there and used to spend quite a lot of time hiking and exploring with her friends and family. On my first visit she took me to Glen Etive and I fell in love with the views straight away. So to take Megan and Corrie to the same place and watch them be amazed was just as good as seeing it for the first time myself. Life is totally about sharing things that area amazing and with people that are amazing.

So we made our way through Glen Coe with a couple short walks and then to Glen Etive, we set up for a couple shot with the mountains in the background and it was a quiet gorgeous moment, so good in fact that Corrie decided to get down on one knee and propose to the love of his life.

It’s a super special moment seeing that happen and it brought a tear to my eye and a huge smile on my face while trying to take photos. Just so you know this was not planned!! I had no idea, Megan had no idea! Corrie had planned to propose in Ireland but the scenery and the moment were just right and luckily enough he had brought the ring just in case. I’m so grateful to have been involved and be able to share something so amazing.

A huge congrats to you both and thank you for being so awesome.

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