Learning - Posing workshop Dorset

Well hello and welcome!

If you're here your interested in learning?

The main aim of the posing workshop is to help refresh you in posing a couple and searching for light. We all get a little out of practice in the off season of weddings or maybe you just struggle to pose couples in different ways so stay with the safe bet of having a cuddle.

Well I want to help out, get you interacting and posing couples the way you want in the easiest ways possible. And if you just need a refresh then perfect.

The order of the afternoon will be a brief chat about each of you and where you are in your business and where you'd like to be. We'll then head out with an awesome couple to shoot some photos in the woods and you'll have a chance to pose them and ask questions as you go.

We'll then head back to base and have a quick edit and Q&A. Also by that time it'll be dark enough to have a play with some flash and have a beer.

The cost for this awesome workshop is £140, you'll be with me for around 5hrs which doesnt include beer time!!

If you would like to book on just drop me a message below and we can go from there.


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