The Importance of Learning

The Importance of learning. 

This applies to everything you do, learning to succeed, learning to improve, learning because you forget, learning because you just LOVE to learn. 

I learn to improve my work, to improve my knowledge for my love of photography. One way I have been doing this is to do a workshop with the awesome Ed Peers. I’ve followed Ed’s work for a while now and as soon as a chance came up to spend a day with him I signed up. The day started in Ed’s house in Woking which he has just finished refurbishing (to put it lightly!), the talk goes through his story and how he got to where he is. Lunch and then a shoot are on the cards for the afternoon and then dinner with everyone from the day.

My mind always goes back to the importance of learning, i’m not brilliant at writing it down (as you can probably tell) but how can you improve and not flat line if you are not constantly learning. Surround yourself with like minded people whether it be the next door neighbor, to your fellow shooter, find inspiration from everyday things, films, music, magazines and even from the things your most afraid of. 

Sometimes just being around like minded people can inspire you to make that next step so this workshop was a double whammy, I got to learn and make new friends from around the world. I even got the chance to be a model with my awesome girlfriend as well.

So i’m not very good at this writing stuff!! That is something i’m afraid of, not getting my point across in an accurate way but learning is a way of improving this, taking lessons from people who can write and seeing there passion for it is inspiring.

Anyways check out these pics of shot of our amazing models!!

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