Ted & Julie @ The Harbour Heights Hotel

I love delivering photo’s to friends. I’ve known Ted for a long time, around 18/19yrs, through cricket and Friday nights in the pub. This year he got married to Julie are meeting her on one of those said nights in the pub.

One thing I can say is I’ve seen Ted happy (at the front of a madness gig with his shirt off!!) but not this happy. Love does amazing things to a person, it releases all the happiness inside of you that you didn’t know you had and changes the way you see, do and feel about things.

Ted & Julie got married on an amazing day at The Harbour Heights Hotel in Poole, Dorset. Friends and family gathered from all over Dorset to see the love between them and to have a good old shin dig!!

So enough of me not knowing what to write and enjoy a few pics of the day.

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