A Wedding Dress

My sister, Gayle, is pretty awesome with a crochet hook. She normally makes tops and hats and some awesome christmas stuff. This time she told me she was making a wedding dress, it took me a little while to go and see it but when i did i knew it was gonna awesome!! 

It took over 100 hours to make it and an endless amount of beads to decorate it. The idea was to just make it and see how it turned out but now it comes up for sale and a new dress has been started. Any enquiries can be made through my site.

Here are some pics I took of it in the stunning Dorset country side near Rhinefield House, thanks to Danielle from Quayside Wedding Crecherz for being a great model and being exposed in a forest!! And Lauren from Concept Flowers for providing the most amazing bouquets for the shoot.  Dress made by Gayle - From Crochet With Love

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