1. Megan & Corrie - Surprise Glencoe engagement

    Date 10 Jul 2017
    Its always a massive honour to be asked by another photographer to take photos of them, Megan is an awesome photographer from Toronto, check out her work here. I totally jumped at the chance to hang out in one of the best places in Scotland with the best views Megan…

  2. Kerry & Aaron - Athelhampton House

    Date 16 May 2017
    I have finally blogged! The wedding of Kerry & Aaron is not a recent one but its one that stands out in mind constantly and i’m alway showing couples their photos so why not blog it.  They got married on a gorgeous day at one of the best wedding venues…

  3. A Wedding Dress

    Date 04 Apr 2017
    My sister, Gayle, is pretty awesome with a crochet hook. She normally makes tops and hats and some awesome christmas stuff. This time she told me she was making a wedding dress, it took me a little while to go and see it but when i did i knew it…

  4. 2016 in one blog

    Date 22 Dec 2016
    2016 has been a crazy year, not only my busiest but my most travelled. At the start of the year I decided to see some other countries and finally get back to Los Angeles to see my family, with a pit stop in Mexico with a bunch of awesome photographers…

  5. Emma & Jamie

    Date 09 Jun 2016
    This is Emma & Jamie’s beautiful wedding at the amazing Sopley Mill in Dorset Emma & Jamie’s wedding was put together by Naomi at The Wedding Wishing Well Foundation, it was the most magical wedding i’ve ever attended. The love, emotion and joy in the room was beyond anything.  There…

  6. Sayulita // Mexico // 2016

    Date 11 Apr 2016
    Travels, part 1 of 3 First stop - Sayulita, Mexico. First thing first it was winter there and it was 32 degrees! That’s pretty hot for any Englishman in January.  Sayulita is a small surfing town on the west coast of Mexico…. Think dirt streets, roadside taco stands, gorgeous views…

  7. Family….

    Date 11 Dec 2015
    The Family Family, the importance of family, the importance of family support. I am from a massive family that are spread worldwide, I am who I am because of these people. Two people in particular have instilled the importance of family since day one, they are my Grandparents. John &…

  8. The Importance of Learning

    Date 04 Dec 2015
    The Importance of learning.  This applies to everything you do, learning to succeed, learning to improve, learning because you forget, learning because you just LOVE to learn.  I learn to improve my work, to improve my knowledge for my love of photography. One way I have been doing this is…

  9. Amy & Paul @ Deans Court Wimborne

    Date 20 Nov 2015
    Amy & Paul got married at St Martin on the Wall church in Wareham. I had never seen or set foot in this church even after driving past it so many time on the way into Wareham! It has to be the smallest and most amazing church in Dorset not…

  10. Ted & Julie @ The Harbour Heights Hotel

    Date 13 Nov 2015
    I love delivering photo’s to friends. I’ve known Ted for a long time, around 18/19yrs, through cricket and Friday nights in the pub. This year he got married to Julie are meeting her on one of those said nights in the pub One thing I can say is I’ve seen…

  11. Mini Canada trip

    Date 23 Oct 2015
    At the beginning of September I made a little trip to Canada for the wedding of the year, Hugh & Jens. After shooting an awesome wedding in the UK i flew straight out and stayed with Kymberlie & Geoff (massive thankyou!! <3)  It was an awesome few days helping set-up…

  12. Kerrie & Iain Sneak Peak

    Date 20 Oct 2015
    Kerrie & Iain met me last year at Hayley & Steve’s wedding at Saltern’s Marina, after a bit of a chat on the day it turned out they were getting married on pretty much the best day of the year, my birthday, 15th Oct Well the day started with getting…

  13. Scotland Visit

    Date 14 Oct 2015
    As a few people know my girlfriend is Scottish! So the time came to go and meet the relatives north of the border and have a little look around Scotland while we were there. The folks live in a little village called Kilmacolm, just outside of Glasgow.  First days outing…

  14. 2015 Mid way point

    Date 26 Aug 2015
    Hey everyone!  So i’m at my mid-way point in the season so just wanted to share a selection of the weddings i’ve already shot this year…’s been epic!!! I can’t thanks all my Bride & Grooms enough for being amazing and all those to come i’m sooooo excited.

  15. Aron & Katie @ Bournemouth Town Hall

    Date 01 Jul 2015
    Aron & Katie, what can i say…these two are awesome, I’ve known Aron for a little while through bmx form years ago and we share many of the same friends. So when i bumped into him in a coffee shop and he said he was getting married, I jumped at…

  16. Mike & Sophie @ Durlston Castle

    Date 29 Jun 2015
    Mike & Sophie came to Swanage to get married all the way from Surrey. They rented a gorgeous house on Durlston Hill and made a week out of it. The wedding was split into two amazing days, the first being an intimate family day of just 20 guests. The ceremony…

  17. Jo & Martin @ Highcliffe Castle

    Date 12 May 2015
    This is the amazing wedding of Jo & Martin at Highcliffe castle. The day started at the Christchurch Harbour Hotel in amazing style, a gorgoeus view over the harbour and a roll top bath in the room! What more could you ask for?  Oh yeah an amazing bride excited about…

  18. Me in Canada

    Date 29 Apr 2015
    Well thankyou for checking out my trip to Canada, it was an amazing experience and an amazing time catching up with one of my oldest friends, Hugh. We got to hang out for a week in Ontario with his wife to be Jen, before heading to Vancouver for CPC 2015, …

  19. Me & My Custom Camera Strap

    Date 15 Apr 2015
    I go through stages allot in the way I shoot at weddings, some days I like to shoot with just one camera and my 50mm and others with two cameras and my 24-70mm.  I’ve used a number of camera straps all with pretty much the same result, backache! I now…

  20. Athelhampton House - Ross & Nic

    Date 18 Feb 2015
    Ross & Nicola got married at the most amazing Athelhampton House, this was my first wedding here and it didn’t disappoint.

  21. Dudsbury Golf Course - Dee & Steve

    Date 12 Feb 2015
    What can i say, Dee & Steve met through a dating site and fell for each other quite soon after, they fit like pieces of a puzzle, Dee’s laugh and smile are infectious. The wedding was held at Dudsbury Golf Course which i have shot many times before, only this…

  22. Salterns Marina - Hayley & steve

    Date 09 Feb 2015
    I’ve known Hayley since school days so it was amazing to be asked to do her wedding photo’s. They were married in St Johns Church in Bournemouth and then had the rest of the day at Salterns Marina. The rain managed to stay away for some of the day and…

  23. Snow Day

    Date 03 Feb 2015
    To wake up in the morning and see a dusting of snow makes you feel like a little kid, you want to get out in it a throw it about I’m just a little older than a kid (maybe the same mental age) but still feel the same, so in…

  24. Cyprus Wedding Photographer - Chloe & Tom part 2

    Date 26 Jan 2015
    So here is the 2nd part of Chloe & Toms wedding in Cyrpus, the first day was all the prep, ceremony and meal. So here we have the party and of course the 2nd day of the wedding which was a beach day. I had to fly home straight after…

  25. Cyprus Wedding Photographer - Chloe & Tom Part 1

    Date 20 Jan 2015
    Well its been a while since I have blogged a wedding, its always good to be busy! Here is the first part of Chloe & Tom’s wedding in Cyprus. I met them through a mutual friend on the off chance they might need a photographer for their pending wedding, when…

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